By choosing Hoffman Interior Painting as your home painting contractor, you will receive only the best interior painting services. Our 7-Step Process ensures that the proper attention is given to each and every wall in your home before we consider the job ‘done’. Read more about our painting services below to see if Hoffman is right for you.

Painting Services offered:

At Hoffman Interior Painting, we offer more than just home interior painting services. We also perform touch ups, wallpaper removal, drywall repair and more. See our full list of painting services below. 

Why Choose Hoffman?

Our interior painting process is updated constantly and includes the following:

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Our 7-Step Process sets us apart from other painting contractors

Scrape and sand substrates with HEPA Vac for your safety.
Clean to remove dirt and dust with a Micro Fiber cloth.

Sand and wipe down. Step 4 and Step 5 may be repeated until desired results.

Caulk or Putty can be used on wood such as trim, molding and doorways. For Plaster walls, we apply plaster and for Sheetrock walls we use spackle.

Apply sealer or primer as needed on old or damaged surfaces.

Depending on the state of the wall or surface and if there was extensive repairs. We may choose to either spot prime or do a full prime of the entire surface.

Finally, Step 7 is when we apply the finishing coats of paint.

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